Leading People to Where God Wants Them to Be

Make Disciples #2

How do you rate success in life?  Is it by what you own? Or shall we say what owns you.  Do you qualify your statements by the bank and I own this, or the bank and I own that?  Perhaps instead, you measure success by wanting to live a life that matters.  Maybe your goal…

Make Disciples

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life than what you are doing?  Sometimes life can seem meaningless and motionless.  Usually we feel that way when we have lost our focus. I have found when I am busy I am happier.  That is why we need to stay busy with the Lord’s business.

Talking With God #4

Prayer is just talking with our Heavenly Father.  Sometimes it is hard to start the conversation.  What do I say?  I say, just what is on your heart.  In the beginning we are like toddlers and just know how to ask for things.  He is just looked at as our source or supply.  As the…