Leading People to Where God Wants Them to Be

Sermons from November 2015

Saved for Service

Have you ever wondered if there is more to the Christian walk?  Is being saved from hell as good as it gets?  God has placed us in a Body and we are supposed to perform a function.  We are going to explore what God’s plan is for our lives.

How to Build a Family #5

Today we are going to look at this from a different angle.  How do you rebuild a family?  All family relationships need maintenance.   Perhaps your family just need a few modifications or maybe you are living in a totally dysfunctional situation.  With either case there is always hope.  People can always change because Jesus is…

How to Build a Family #4

How many of us are thankful that we have a roof over our heads?  I know I am.  Jesus said in the gospels that sometimes He never even had a place to lay His head.  The roof on our house is very important.  You can spend thousands of dollars on decorating your home.  Expensive carpet…

How to Build a Family #3

Have you ever noticed a picture hanging on a wall that is really crooked?  It was probably level at one time but something jarred it out of place.  Life can get a little jarring sometimes.  We start out good but when we get jarred by something, we can get knocked out of place.  It takes…