Leading People to Where God Wants Them to Be

Sermons from May 2015

Damascus Experience

Have you ever noticed we can’t fix what is broken unless we are fixed ourselves?  We live in a desperate world looking for hope.  All they need is to see someone living it in front of them.  Never under estimate the power of a changed life.  Truth is a changed life, changes lives.  We are…

Trials Happen

Have you ever played the blame game with God?  We are always looking for the answer why things happen, especially to us.  Why do bad things happen to good people?  Why do good things happen to bad people?  We can wear ourselves out figuring these things out.  Let’s look to God’s Word for wisdom today.

The Pebble Plan

We may not all be called to be an evangelist but we all have been commissioned to be evangelistic.  To me the greatest act of love is not preaching tolerance, but preaching repentance.  Only repentance delivers us from sin by the power of His blood.  Sometimes, the truth hurts, but never the less it is…

Becoming an Unstoppable Force

What role do we see ourselves playing in God’s End Time Bible Plan?  To many times we forget the God factor in our lives.  We may start out with fire but end up with barely a flicker.  The early church was faced with life and death decisions everyday.  It takes a big God to handle…