Leading People to Where God Wants Them to Be

Sermons from July 2017

The Devil Hates Me #4

How many here hate to lose?   Not talking about being a sore loser, but you just prefer to win.  In the game of life there are winners and losers.  Church is the winners and the devil and his followers are the losers.  Satan hates the fact God has empowered us to make His enemies His…

The Devil Hates Me #3

Have you ever said something and it offended somebody?  Perhaps you were just being mean or you spoke the truth and it made someone mad.  That is what happens when you and I speak the Word of God.  The devil gets mad because truth exposes the lie.

The Devil Hates Me

Ever feel like the devil picks on you more than other people?  There might be a good reason for that.  I mean good, because you are probably doing something right for the Kingdom of God.  There are some things we know and do that irritate him.  First thing we are going to look at is…

Independence Day

We all have a little different perspective of freedom.  To a teenager, it might be mom and dad not telling them what to do.  To someone who hates their job, it might be working for yourself.   To someone else who is battling an addiction, it may be taking back control of your life.  Today, we…