Leading People to Where God Wants Them to Be


Demonstrations of Faith

Information is good but demonstration is better.  That is why actions always speak louder than words.  The Lord told us to not just be a hearer but also a doer.  We need to get better @ execution.  We need to always remember, real faith takes action.

Faith Works

There are two primary positive reasons why we do things for people.  One, we are trying to win them over.  We are doing whatever we can to get them to notice us.  We are either trying to get something from them or just get closer to them by buying their affection.  Two, we are doing…

Now Faith Is

The world is full of two different groups of people.  They are the “yes we can” and the “no we can’t” groups.  I believe the Lord wants us to be optimistic when it comes to living a life to bring glory to His name.  The Bible is full of success stories about people who took…

Reward of Confidence

What does it mean to look beyond the situation and see the solution?  How do we get to that place in our walk where we are not moved by what we see?  We need to develop an unwavering confidence that will take us through the hard times.