Leading People to Where God Wants Them to Be

What to Expect

We are a Non-Denominational Full-Gospel Church with a Contemporary style of Worship.  Some will be clapping their hands and others may raise their hands in worship.  Others may not clap or raise their hands at all. We encourage people to express their worship in whatever way they feel comfortable.

Our dress code is casual.  Please don’t feel like you have to dress up unless you want to.  We try and focus more on the inner man instead of the outer man.  We are just glad that you are here.  Faithfulness to the Lord and His Church is so important.

We have things for the kids.  We have Super-Church from nursery age to 7th grade during our Worship Service on Sunday morning.  Eighth grade and up stay in the service with the adults.  Your child can stay with you until they feel comfortable going to class.

We value your time.  Our service is around 70 minutes long.  We focus on the two cornerstones which are Worship & the Word.  This time is approximate, we always allow the Holy Spirit to intervene at any time.