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Chess Not Checkers

Mark Miller has written another masterpiece again.  Chess Not Checkers is a must read for anyone wanting to take their leadership game to the next level.  Sometimes game analogies can be over done, but using chess instead of sports was refreshing.  Head games play a large part of being a modern day leader.  His writing style disarms you and draws you into the story.  He has a way of getting us to get beyond our preconceived ideas.  You find yourself placing yourself in the situation.

We have all been there.  Situations or circumstances change and we find our self in over our head.  The last thing we want to do is to step back assess the situation.  We need to try and view the game from a different vantage point.  Reminding us that  different pieces make different moves was very enlightening.  I know people have different gifts but this put it in a different perspective.  I really highly recommend this book.


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