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Saturday – Where Did Jesus Go

Saturday – Day 7 of Holy Week
1 Peter 3:18-20 Some wonder what happened after Jesus died. He did not cease to exist. Spirits and souls live on after the body expires. Like Him, we will live for all eternity somewhere. There is not a lot of info in scripture but there is some. He told the thief that today you will be with Me in Paradise. There was a place where Old Testament saints went after death while waiting for the resurrection. Old Testament sinners went to another place awaiting judgement. (see Luke 16)
Another thing Jesus did was make a proclamation to these spirits who were bound in prison. He was not preaching the gospel to them because there is no salvation for fallen angels. He was speaking to a group of angels who had left their proper abode and had sexual relations with women during the time of Noah. This was a demonic plan to try and pollute the human race. God had promised there would be someone coming born of the woman to bruise the serpents head. What a better way to stop that than affecting the human race by tainting the blood line. Jesus very well could have been scolding them and reminding them of what God had called them to be and what they had become. This to will be many peoples regret. On judgement day when they see what they could have had with God and now what they have to settle for with satan. (I know satan is supposed to be capitalized but I refuse to give him that status, I always use small case for him.) We need to remember that we are the crown jewel of all creation. God has so many great things in store for us. That is why He went to great lengths to get us back into relationship with Him.
Jesus’ last week was filled with all kinds of experiences much like we all face today. One day life can feel like a parade and we are the one being honored. A few days later we can feel like Friday, all alone, nailed to a cross, and that no one cares. For those who may be at this place in their life now or who will experience it in the future please remember – It may feel like Friday today…… but Sunday’s coming. Resurrection life is available for us all today. It has been a pleasure taking this journey together this week. I know I have been blessed and I hope you were too. God’s Blessings, Pastor Brad


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