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Thursday – Saying What Needs Said

Thursday – Day 5 of Holy Week
Matt. 26:17-29. It is good that Jesus got some rest yesterday. Countdown to Calvary has begun. He gathered the disciples to celebrate Passover. Little did they know that Jesus Himself was going to be the last Passover Lamb ever needed. He shocked them out of their comfort zone by instituting the Lord’s Table. Eating His flesh and drinking His blood rocked their world. As we partake of the bread, it is a symbol of taking His life in us to live through us. As we drink of the cup, we are saying yes and amen to the covenant reality that we are in league with Him forever. A Jewish Covenant contract is more binding than any paper a lawyer could ever draw up. It was unto death.
Jn. chp. 13-17. While in the Upper Room Jesus covered a lot of territory. It would be His last moments with His followers. He said some things that needed to be said. We can learn from this. We all have some things that we wish we had told someone. He also comforted His disciples. Tried to reveal to them it is better that He goes away and then the Holy Spirit could come and be with them all. Jesus, in His flesh body, could only be in one place at once. The Holy Spirit on the other hand can be everywhere at once. That is far better. Thank God for the Holy Ghost.
Jesus displayed Servant-Leadership. He stripped down and washed His disciples feet. This job was reserved for the lowest of servants. None of us should be to good to do whatever it takes. Sometimes it is better to show than to delegate. This is the mark of a secure leader. Many leaders today are insecure. It is more about image rather than content. Jesus said, he who is the greatest in the Kingdom is the servant of all.
Next let’s talk about Gethsemane. Here is where we need to find victory. Jesus knew the importance of prayer. Many times in His ministry He would slip away to pray. Prayer can empower us to get through the hard times or perhaps when we are in the “Valley of Decision”. The reason why we don’t experience victory in some situations is because we have not prayed through for breakthrough. Jesus asked His closest followers to help Him pray. He found them asleep. They left Him hanging. There are times when we need to stand in the gap on behalf of others. We just need to be there for them. The agony Jesus experienced here caused Him to sweat drops of blood. This can happen when we are under extreme stress. That is why He wanted His followers to be there for Him. Some things people shouldn’t face alone. That is my finishing challenge today. #1 Can other people count on us when the chips are down and there is no one else to turn to? Will we commit to be there for them. #2 Can Jesus count on us? I mean really count on us. No matter what. Even if it is not convenient. Or will be like the disciples and be asleep at the wheel. I desire to be a “go to ” person for God. I hope you do too. God’s blessings, Pastor Brad


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